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Six ways to get the most from your medications

Remembering to take a pill every morning can seem like a bother. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that 20 to 30 percent of new prescriptions are never even filled at the pharmacy. The CDC also estimates that failure to take medications properly causes between 30 to 50 percent of chronic disease treatment failures and 125,000 deaths per year in the United States. Taking prescriptions as directed is important for your health so here are a few tips to help manage your medications.

Connect with a pharmacy
Choose a convenient pharmacy and fill all your prescriptions at the same place. Most pharmacies provide reminders for refills. Don’t wait until all the pills are gone before getting a refill. It is better to get into the habit of refilling early so there is less chance of running out. Keeping all prescription at the same pharmacy also means there is a record of all medications taken. The pharmacist can often spot potential drug interaction issues if he has a list of all medications and can alert the doctor if necessary.

Don’t skip the medication due to cost
One of the common reasons for not taking a prescribed medication is affordability. If the cost of a prescription is too high, ask the pharmacist to speak with your physician about alternative medications. Your doctor is not aware of your prescription plan coverage but once it is known that a prescription is costly, a substitution can often be made.

Come up with a routine
Life is busy and it is easy to forget to take your medications or be unsure whether you took them. Getting a pill minder is the easiest way to keep track of medications. A simple glance will let you know whether you took the dose. Try taking the medication to a regular routine like brushing your teeth to make it easier to remember. Another method is to set an alarm on your phone or watch that will alert you that it is time to take your medication.

Make a list and carry it with you
Medications can have complicated names. To make it easier to remember what you take and when, compile a list showing the medicine’s name, the dose, the time taken and why you take it. If you don’t know why you are taking a medication, ask your doctor. Having this list is helpful when seeing a new doctor or in the case of a medical emergency. Don’t expect your doctor to remember what medications you are taking. A doctor sees hundreds of patients and can’t remember each one. Sharing a list makes it possible for him to treat you more effectively.

Ask for an annual review
When you go in for your annual checkup, toss all of your medications including vitamins and supplements into a bag and take them with you. Ask your doctor to review your medications and look for interactions. Some dosages or medications may need to be adjusted, especially those you have taken for a long time. Asking for this annual evaluation is also a good way to communicate with the doctor about side effects that may have developed.

Don’t leave home without them
Be sure to pack a supply of your medications when you travel. It is best to keep them in your carry-on bag in case your luggage is lost or delayed. The temperatures inside the cargo hold might also be harmful to some medications. Take a supply to last a few extra days in case of unexpected travel delays.

Medications for healing
After a medical event or surgery, the doctor may prescribe several new medications to prevent infection, control pain and promote healing. Some of these short-term medicines may require multiple doses and other special instructions. During the difficult recovery period, remembering all of these new medications can be challenging. Forgetting to take medications as directed could slow recovery. One way to be sure of following the doctor’s orders is to choose to recover at a short-term care facility where everything from medications to meals is taken care of so your focus can be on recovery.

Glenview Terrace has been regarded as one of the top choices for short-term recovery. Your plan for discharge begins upon admission to Glenview Terrace because they are focused on getting you back to your regular life as soon as possible. You can be assured that your medications, wound care and other needs will be administered by an attentive staff who work closely with the hospital and physicians. The rehabilitation team will step in as soon as you are ready to start regaining the strength, mobility and the confidence to return to your regular schedule. You will have access to state-of-the-art equipment in Glenview Terrace’s gyms, including the main gym, which features floor-to-ceiling views of its tranquil fountain and patio. Compassionate staff offer the encouragement and positive reinforcement needed to move you toward your goals.

Glenview Terrace delivers this top-notch care in an elegant setting that begins with beautifully landscaped grounds and continues into the spacious, well-appointed rooms. Guests can enjoy nutritious meals filled with the protein and vitamins needed to enhance the healing process. There are many opportunities for interaction with others during planned activities. Guests can also choose to relax in their rooms with a stunning array of amenities and services to pamper them during their stay.

When it is time for compassionate and expert care, consider Glenview Terrace. For additional information or to arrange a tour, visit or call 847-729-9090.