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Post-Hospital Medical Rehabilitation

Each year, thousands of discerning individuals turn to Glenview Terrace for medical rehabilitation after their hospital stay. The reason is simple. We provide unsurpassed, one-on-one physical, occupational and speech therapy up to seven days a week — so you’ll return home as quickly and safely as possible. You’ll also receive personalized attention from your expert nursing team, while enjoying an array of amenities in one of our exclusive rehabilitation wings.

With expert care and sophisticated techniques, Glenview Terrace offers an aggressive blend of traditional and advanced rehabilitation services to get you quickly back on your feet, including:

One-on-one physical, occupational and speech therapy—seven days a week

Neurological rehabilitation, cardiac and stroke rehabilitation

Respiratory and Intravenous (IV) therapies

Video fluoroscopy studies

Doppler studies and x-rays

Complete wound and skin healing program with a dedicated wound care physician and certified wound care nurses

Expert pain management

Diabetic management

Nurse case management

Glenview Terrace - Healthcare Center

Individualized Stroke Rehabilitation

With compassion and expertise, the Stroke Rehabilitation Program at Glenview Terrace helps you regain your life. To best increase your independence and help you reach your fullest potential, you’ll receive one-on-one therapy with your own licensed therapist — as well as comprehensive medical guidance from our Nurse Practitioner.

No matter how severe the effects of the stroke may be, our expert therapists help patients reach their highest level of functioning and regain their independence. Here’s how:

Physical and occupational therapy to regain mobility and coordination, build upper body strength and perform daily activities

Speech therapy to improve communication and overcome speech loss and swallowing difficulties

Compensatory strategies and training to build motor skills, strength, endurance and the ability to carry out planned actions

Video fluoroscopy to help assess dysphagia or risk for aspiration

Respiratory therapy to recover faster from respiratory ailments and avoid re-hospitalization

Individualized wound healing program

Pain management program to increase comfort by easing and resolving pain

Glenview Terrace - Healthcare Center

Cardiac Care Program

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Glenview Terrace is designed for patients recovering from cardiac conditions such as heart failure and heart attack — as well as from post-surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Under the direction of board-certified Cardiologist Eileen A. Kelly, MD, our expert multidisciplinary team assists patients toward a successful recovery by offering:

Individualized and comprehensive physical, occupational and respiratory therapies

Nutritional expertise and a heart-healthy diet

Wellness education to help patients adapt to new lifestyle choices

Cardiac monitoring to track progress, vital signs, functional activities, cardiac medications and nutritional goals

Cardiologist on site weekly

Superior cardiac leadership

The Medical Director of our enhanced Cardiac Care Program, Cardiologist Eileen Kelly, MD, is board certified in Cardiovascular Disease and specializes in Congestive Heart Failure, Coronary Disease, Preventive Cardiology and has expertise in Women’s Health Research. Dr. Kelly had also established The Women’s Heart Program of NorthShore University HealthSystem and was ranked among the country’s top doctors. With Dr. Kelly’s advanced approach to cardiology and guidance, our patients can expect exceptional cardiac care.

Glenview Terrace - Healthcare Center

Colorectal Care Program

Welcome to the Colorectal Care Program at Glenview Terrace, an interdisciplinary and patient-centered system of post-operative care that’s designed for the best possible outcomes.

Under the direction of board-certified Colorectal Surgeons John Park, MD and Slawomir J. Marecik, MD, each patient receives cutting-edge coordinated care. This means fewer complication rates, decreased costs, shorter lengths of stay, fewer hospital readmissions and better patient satisfaction.

Our customized Colorectal Care Program serves as a seamless continuation of your surgical experience and includes:

Standardized practice using evidence-based practices and research.

Ostomy wound care nurse trained in Advocate Lutheran General’s protocols.

Therapy up to seven days a week and around-the-clock skilled nursing care.

Tailored dietary plans created by on-staff clinicians to provide the right nutrition needed for recovery.

Education to help patients improve their health.

Glenview Terrace - Healthcare Center

Pulmonary Care Program

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at Glenview Terrace provides post-hospital, individualized care for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, asthma, lung cancer, interstitial lung disease, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension and other lung conditions.

Under the direction of board-certified Pulmonologist Bhaven Shah, MD of Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, our expert team helps you recover through:

A comprehensive pulmonary plan tailored to meet your individual needs and goals.

Respiratory therapy seven days a week to improve function and prevent regression.

One-on-one physical and occupational therapy to improve endurance and independence.

Breathing re-training and techniques to help you breathe more efficiently and decrease

anxiety and depression.


Education to help you manage your specific lung condition, symptoms and medications — and understand and use oxygen therapy.

Dietitian-recommended nutritional plans.

Psychological counseling.

Glenview Terrace - Healthcare Center

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