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For Out-of-the-Ordinary Care, There’s Glenview Terrace

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In its two exclusive rehabilitation wings, Glenview Terrace offers an aggressive blend of traditional and advanced rehabilitation services to help you quickly and thoroughly recover from your surgery or hospital stay so you can confidently get back to your life. Expect unparalleled one-on-one, manual therapy with the same highly skilled, licensed therapist. Up to seven days a week.

Whether you’re seeking short-term rehabilitation or a longer stay, we aim to make your experience at Glenview Terrace a successful—and delightful—one.

  • The Orthopedic Pavilion
  • Post-Transplant Care
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Specialized Wound Care
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
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The Orthopedic Pavilion

Offering a specialized recovery program for orthopedic and joint replacement surgeries with private facilities including a gym and dining room, patients receive top-notch therapy and enjoy a range of amenities for a comfortable, short-term stay.

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Post-Transplant Care

Our post-transplant care program is streamlined for effective recovery. It includes managing follow-up appointments, aftercare, and timely detection of complications. Our multidisciplinary team provides key services like infection prevention, therapy, and graft function assessment, focusing on a successful recovery process post-surgery. *10 days to 6-month post-operative patients only.

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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Offering comprehensive care for patients recovering from cardiac conditions and procedures. It includes personalized therapies, nutritional guidance, wellness education, and cardiac monitoring. Our program also includes LVAD support.

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Medical Rehabilitation

Glenview Terrace offer intensive one-on-one therapy in physical, occupational, and speech disciplines. Their approach is focused on ensuring a quick and safe return home, supported by expert nursing care and a range of amenities.

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Specialized Wound Care

Our specialized wound care led by our WCC certified Nurse Director and certified wound specialist rounds weekly and tailors care for simple to complex wounds. Our interdisciplinary team ensures effective and specialized management for chronic wound healing.

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Offers tailored care for various lung conditions including COPD and lung cancer. It focuses on respiratory therapy, physical and occupational therapy, breathing techniques, and comprehensive education for managing lung conditions, symptoms, and medications.

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