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Selecting a quality pulmonary care program

Being unable to catch your breath is a frightening experience that people suffering from pulmonary disease often endure. Although most pulmonary disease, including common chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, is not curable, it is possible to slow the progression and improve breathing through an effective pulmonary rehabilitation program. Knowing what to look for in a pulmonary care program can help in finding life-changing care. Here are five areas to consider when searching for the best pulmonary care program.

A commitment to pulmonary care

General medical rehabilitation is not the same as pulmonary rehabilitation. In order to deliver a successful therapy for chronic lung disease, there needs to be a program in place that’s specifically designed for this purpose.

Specialized equipment

A pulmonary care program needs equipment to measure, monitor and maintain lungs. For example, an incentive spirometer is an effective device for encouraging proper breathing. Having access to oxygen therapy is another requirement for effective lung care.

Trained pulmonary staff

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Effective pulmonary care requires a team of experienced professionals who can do everything from providing training for improved breathing techniques to monitoring oxygen levels. For the best results, there should be a board-certified pulmonologist, nutritionist, exercise physiologist, respiratory therapist, occupational therapist and rehabilitation nurse who team up to provide the best care possible.

A custom approach

Lung disease is very complex. Emphysema brings on shortness of breath due to the weakened alveoli in the lungs. Bronchiectasis involves a thickening of the bronchial tubes from infection or inflammation. If the lining of the bronchial tubes is inflamed, it is considered chronic bronchitis. These are just some of the many different lung issues that are unique to each patient. In addition to breathing issues, pulmonary patients may have other health conditions that need attention. A quality pulmonary program will assess each patient’s health and design a program that addresses all the individual’s medical needs.

Support and outreach

Pulmonary disease affects all parts of life, from physical to emotional. Physical limitations caused by pulmonary disease can lead to depression for both the patient and caregivers. A quality pulmonary program offers compassionate understanding of the life struggles that the patient and family members are enduring. Programs that educate and suggest resources for family members are beneficial.

A sound choice

An effective pulmonary rehabilitation program should have results that can be measured. Lung function and energy levels should improve for a better quality of life. Glenview Terrace has been a leader in offering effective pulmonary care. There is a dedicated effort to provide post-hospital, individualized care for patents struggling with COPD, asthma, lung cancer and many other pulmonary issues. Board-certified pulmonologist Bhaven Shah, M.D., of Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, directs the pulmonary team at Glenview Terrace. Breathing re-training, respiratory therapy up to seven days a week, oxygen therapy, nutritional counseling and psychological therapy are just some of the many ways the needs of pulmonary patients are addressed. Education and resource help are also provided to help move each person closer to the goal of safely returning home.

At Glenview Terrace, the focus is always to help get you back to the independent lifestyle you desire. Focusing on healthcare excellence and safety, Glenview Terrace provides the latest infection-control precautions, including routine COVID-19 testing and monitoring. Glenview Terrace is also ranked among the top 1% of all Illinois post-hospital rehabilitation and nursing care centers by Newsweek — and has received Medicare’s highest five-star rating. Glenview Terrace has also earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval certification for post-hospital and post-surgical care. For additional information or to arrange a personalized virtual tour, visit or call 847-729-9090.

— Judy Buchenot for Glenview Terrace