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Feeling depressed? Try these mood-boosting activities

Despite our best laid plans, unexpected things happen. An illness, a fall, loss of a loved one or being quarantined can make it hard to live life as planned. This frustration can bring on feelings of sadness and lead to depression. It is important to deal with depression just as you would any other challenge in life. Here are some suggestions for trying to control this emotion:

Acknowledge the feeling

Anyone can feel depressed and the feelings should not be ignored. Refusing to think about your emotional state can affect your overall health. It is better to recognize your feelings and then look for ways to address them. It is tempting to overgeneralize your situation and decide that things are never going to get better. Push yourself to look for some positive aspects of each day instead of only focusing on the negative. Recognize the negative but keep looking for good things too.

Make a plan to recover

When you are feeling depressed, every task seems impossible. Instead of trying to do everything, set small goals that are achievable. Instead of vacuuming the whole house, try to vacuum just one room. Instead of doing all the laundry, decide to do one load. When you complete one small task, recognize your success. Some people find it helpful to make a short list and cross off items that are completed as a way of feeling like you are making progress. Setting a routine is also helpful. By doing a few things the same way every day, you can feel more in control of your life.

Indulge in some fun

Depression can make you want to avoid any activity. Try to overcome this feeling by doing something you love. Listen to music. Watch an old favorite movie. Call a friend. Take a walk outdoors. Doing one simple thing that brings you joy can provide a boost to your mood and help lift you out of feeling depressed. Give yourself permission to have some fun.

Try something new

Doing something you have never done before is an effective mood booster because it challenges your neurons and can alter your brain chemistry. Take an art or cooking class to give your creative side a boost. Try taking a yoga class or other activity. If you have never volunteered to help others, consider taking on this challenge. Many people find helping others is an effective way to chase away depression.

Check your diet

What you eat can affect your mood. Too much sugar, caffeine, soda or alcohol can impact how you feel. Try to eat healthier by choosing lean meats, vegetables, fruits and grains which provide you with energy to face the day.

Take a walk

Exercise is a powerful depression fighter. When you feel like you can’t do anything, forcing yourself to take a short walk around the block can help. Fresh air and sunshine along with the exercise can make a big difference.

Get proper sleep

Depression can affect your sleep patterns. Sleeping too much or too little can make the symptoms of depression worse. Try not to fall asleep during the day and establish a bedtime routine to improve your sleep. Do the same thing every night before you go to bed. Many people find reading is a great way to relax and fall asleep. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. This routine can help improve your sleep patterns.

Depression during recovery

Surgery or an unexpected medical event can often lead to depression as your ability to carry out everyday activities is disrupted. These negative feeling can slow your rate of recovery, so it is important to take steps to deal with depression. Many people find choosing to stay in a short-term care facility is an effective way to feel positive about recovery. Experienced staff can help with both physical and emotional care.

Glenview Terrace offers health care expertise combined with an unrelenting commitment to comfort, dignity and guest satisfaction, making it one of the area’s finest choices for rehabilitation.

Dedicated to the highest standards of customer service and clinical care, Glenview Terrace has earned a reputation for offering one of the best post-hospital care programs in the area. They provide one-on-one physical, occupational and speech therapies up to seven days a week with the goal of returning the patient home as quickly as possible. The expert nursing team and support staff are ready with round-the-clock care for every need that arises from wound care to emotional support. What is more, Glenview Terrace has both a psychologist and psychiatrist on staff to help guests who are struggling with depression.

This specialized care is offered in an elegant environment. The well-appointed rooms and suites are filled with custom-designed furnishings and include a deluxe bathroom with a private shower. Guests are pampered with a variety of amenities including attentive concierge service, morning coffee and newspaper delivered daily to the room, diverse menu selections and much more. The attractive grounds and tranquil fountain are just some of the extras that go into creating an inviting environment for recovery.

When looking for compassionate care with elegance, consider Glenview Terrace where the goal is to quickly and safely get you back to your independent lifestyle. For more information or to arrange a tour, visit or call 847-729-9090.