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What you should consider when you need physical therapy

Recovery isn’t instantaneous. In many cases, your treatment plan will include physical therapy to help recover strength and balance as well as manage or reduce pain. Making an informed decision about where to obtain physical therapy can be challenging. Here are a few points to consider when making your decision.


The first thing to know is that you have the right to choose the physical therapy program that best fits your needs. Be clear what your specific needs are and look for a center with specialized equipment that can help with specific conditions, so ask about available equipment.

The second item to research is whether the center is licensed. Only licensed physical therapists can claim to provide physical therapy. There may be assistants for the therapist but they must be supervised by a licensed therapist. 

Finally, check on the cost of the sessions. Some health insurance policies only cover physical therapy within a specific network. The center should be able to let you know if you are covered and provide a total cost for treatment.Licensed from Shutterstock


If you have chosen a quality physical therapy program, the first visit should begin with an evaluation by the licensed physical therapist. The evaluation should take into account your medical history and outline needed therapy areas. They should make a plan and give you an estimated time frame to meet all goals. The therapist should connect with your medical team to be sure the proposed plan fits the needs outlined by your doctor. As time passes, there should be records kept of your progress.


Physical therapy can be performed in outpatient facilities, but when there are additional medical needs beyond physical therapy, it is best to choose a short-term care option. For example, if you are planning on having orthopedic surgery, a short-term care center can help with wound care and pain management along with providing physical therapy all in one location. Licensed from Shutterstock

When seeking a short-term care stay, there are several factors to consider. As with a physical therapy center, check to see if there is specific equipment and qualified therapists to meet your specific needs. Ask about the frequency of therapy sessions as well. 

Consider the location of the short-term care facility if you would like family and friends to visit. If possible, tour the facility to check on cleanliness, comfort and safety before your surgery. Ask about food service and other amenities. Finally, check with your insurance provider to see if your stay will be covered and what your co-payment will be. 


Glenview Terrace has earned a reputation for offering effective therapy and care in a luxurious setting. Physical therapy is offered up seven days a week in specialized orthopedic gyms in two separate wings. When choosing short-term care, choose Glenview Terrace to have the best. 

At Glenview Terrace, the focus is always to help get you back to the independent lifestyle you desire. Focusing on healthcare excellence and safety, Glenview Terrace provides the latest infection-control precautions, including routine COVID-19 testing and monitoring. Glenview Terrace is also ranked among the top 1% of all Illinois post-hospital rehabilitation and nursing care centers by Newsweek — and has earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval certification for post-hospital and post-surgical care. For additional information or to arrange a personalized virtual tour, visit or call 847-729-9090