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Physical Therapy delivers a better recovery

After going through a surgery or medical event, there can be a feeling of “enough is enough” and a desire to just be left alone to heal. But the reality is that for healing to be effective, there needs to be a period of physical therapy where exercise is used to preserve, enhance and restore movement and function. So, although you may feel like sitting on the couch and resting, it is not the best way to recover. Before you grumble about physical therapy, consider these many benefits for better health.

Get the most out of your muscles
Being able to move without pain is imperative for quality of life, your career and your independence. A physical therapist can help pinpoint the problems, come up with a solution and then treat it so that your ability to move is maximized.

Being a team player
Undergoing surgery or other major medical events can make you feel out of control of your health. Procedures happen when you aren’t awake and may seem confusing at first. You can regain a feeling of control and become part of a team effort through physical therapy. After each day of work with a physical therapist, you can realize improvement and see the goal of improved health in the future. You become an active part of a recovery team with your doctor and physical therapist.

Safely manage pain
There are more ways to manage pain than taking opioids. Although they may be needed at first, many patients are finding that targeted therapy reduces pain and the need for opioids. There are several issues with taking opioids over an extended period of time. Some people experience depression and others become addicted. There is a danger of overdosing and many experience withdrawal symptoms when stopping them. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges health care providers to reduce the use of opioids by using physical therapy. By working with your physical therapist, you can reduce your long-term need for opioids and avoid their many side effects.

Feel safer
When part of your body is weakened by a medical event, it can throw off your balance, which increases the risk of falling. Physical therapists will evaluate your balance and provide appropriate exercises to improve weakened muscles. The body is an amazing machine when all of the parts are working correctly. Physical therapy helps get all the parts working together once again so that you can move about without fear of falling.

Prevent new injury
When one part of the body is weak, it becomes vulnerable. Physical therapists can evaluate weaknesses and safely guide you through exercises to address weaknesses without causing new injuries. Even though you may want to run a mile like you used to, overdoing it may cause a new injury, so it is best to work with a professional therapist to stay safe.

Experience overall improvements
Although you may not be seeing the therapist for reasons other than joint pain or high blood pressure, a program of regular exercise can often benefit those areas. Some people claim to feel better than ever after physical therapy because for the first time in their lives, they are exercising regularly, which helps with a variety of health issues. Continuing exercising beyond the prescribed time of physical therapy can mean a healthier, safer life.

Finding the best
If you have a scheduled surgery in your future or have experienced an unexpected medical event, finding a way to recover with a dedicated program of physical therapy can mean a faster and more beneficial outcome. Instead of hoping for a successful recovery, many people take a proactive approach by deciding to stay in a short-term care facility where there is a team of physical therapists committed to guests’ care.

Glenview Terrace, a Medicare five-star rated center for recovery, offers this level of care for all its guests. Understanding guests’ desire to quickly return to an active lifestyle, Glenview Terrace’s therapists provide customized one-on-one physical therapy seven days a week to speed the healing process and increase mobility. Occupational, speech, respiratory and intravenous therapies are also provided as needed.

An attentive nursing staff provides 24-hour care and ensures all of your doctor’s orders are met and can quickly react to any issues. Respiratory issues will be carefully addressed to reduce the chances of developing pneumonia.

A stay at Glenview Terrace is all about healing as quickly as possible in an attractive setting. Accommodations feature elegantly appointed suites and rooms with a walk-in shower in each bathroom. Thoughtful extras for short-term rehabilitation guests include morning coffee and newspaper delivery as well as concierge services. The beautifully landscaped grounds with a spacious patio and tranquil fountain also provide both an elegant and calming environment for a time of recovery.

When it is time for expert care, consider Glenview Terrace, where the focus is always to help get you back to the independent lifestyle you desire. For additional information or to arrange a tour, visit or call 847-729-9090.