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Getting your life back to normal after surgery

Some surgeries are to relieve pain while others help the body operate better. Whether it’s a joint replacement or a heart bypass surgery, each inpatient surgical procedure requires a time of recovery before life can return to normal. Here are a few tips to help speed up the recovery process.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Be sure to ask your surgeon about the recovery process so you can be prepared for your time of recovery. You may be unable to drive, climb stairs or perform other common tasks. Knowing about these restrictions in advance allows you time to make plans so your recovery can be less stressful.

Take the time to recover

If your doctor suggests taking three weeks off work, take that time. Don’t pull out the laptop and start working before you need to work. Give yourself permission to take time to heal.

Listen to the doctor

This many sound obvious but many people rationalize taking fewer medications, staying in bed longer or taking other actions that they are not supposed to do. Even if you feel great, follow the doctor’s orders regarding medications, activity and wound care.

Manage pain

Pain medications are prescribed to reduce pain and are important. Pain can interfere with sleep, which can lead to a slower recovery. Pain can also keep you from doing the prescribed physical therapy, which can negatively affect the outcome of your surgery. So, take the medications as prescribed instead of toughing it out.

Accept help

Allow others to help as needed. You may have done it all before surgery but afterwards, it is wise to pamper yourself a little. Don’t lift the heavy basket of laundry or stand for hours preparing meals until the doctor says it is time. Let someone else clean the house and run errands during recovery.

Eat to heal

Proper nutrition is always important but it is crucial during a time of recovery. A basic building block for muscle and tissue growth is protein so be sure to include plenty of protein in your meals. Ask your doctor if you should follow any dietary restrictions. Try not to skip meals since they provide fuel for the healing process.

Address stress

Having surgery can be stressful. Pain, the inability to carry out regular tasks and worries about healing can all affect your mood. Instead of pretending nothing is wrong, share your feelings with others. Take intentional steps to reduce stress through deep breathing, meditations or other relaxation technique. The body and mind both need care during the recovery process.

Keep moving

Years ago, recovery meant weeks in bed. However, doctors have found that getting targeted exercise therapy is an important part of recovery. Take advantage of rehabilitation programs instead of imagining you can do it all alone. Professionals can push you to the limit and stop you before you overdo it. If you put off therapy, you may never make a full recovery, so get out of bed and start as soon as you safely can.

A simpler solution

If all these do’s and don’ts seem overwhelming, it is because they are a lot to remember during a time when you may just feel like staying in bed. This is a good reason to choose to recover in a short-term care facility where everything from wound care to nutritious meals are provided by an experienced staff.

Glenview Terrace has earned a reputation for providing excellent short-term care following a hospital stay. They provide acclaimed one-on-one physical, occupational and speech therapies up to seven days a week with the goal of returning the patient home as quickly as possible. The expert nursing team and support staff are ready with round-the-clock care for every need that arises from wound care to pain management.

This specialized care is offered in an elegant environment. The well-appointed rooms and suites are filled with custom-designed furnishings and include a deluxe bathroom with a private shower. Guests are pampered with a variety of amenities including attentive concierge service, morning coffee and newspaper delivered daily to the room, diverse menu selections and much more. The attractive grounds and tranquil fountain are just some of the extras that go into creating an inviting environment for recovery.

When looking for an effective and  elegant recovery experience, consider Glenview Terrace where the goal is to quickly and safely get you back to your independent lifestyle. For more information or to arrange a tour, visit or call 847-729-9090.