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Getting the most from your medications

Taking medications incorrectly can be linked to up to half of all treatment failures in the United States, according to the World Health Organization. In fact, about 125,000 people die each year in the U.S. because they didn’t follow medication instructions. To make sure you stay safe, follow these six medication management tips.

Get to know your prescription

When the doctor prescribes a medication, take time to ask what it is for and why you are taking it. Ask about side effects and dosage instructions. Notice the color and shape of your pills. When you get a new supply, be sure they are the same shape and color. If they look different, check with your pharmacist before you take the medication. Take ownership of your health by being responsible with your medications.

Find a home for your medications

Keep all of your medications in one place. Heat and moisture can affect some medication, so find a place that is cool, dry and preferably visible. It is easier to remember to take your medications if they are in a place that you see every day instead of tucked away in a drawer.

Set a medication routine

Medications are more effective if taken at the proper intervals so there needs to be a plan to help you remember. By establishing a routine of taking a pill after brushing your teeth or with your lunch or before bed, it becomes easier to remember. Using a pill minder is a helpful tool if you have multiple medications. By separating a week’s worth of pills into a pill-minder, you can check to see if you have taken your pill. There are many styles of pill minders available from ones with single slots for once a day pills to multiple slots for pills taken in the morning, afternoon and evening. Liquid medications may need to be measured for each dose, so be sure to have a measuring spoon close by.

Check for interactions

Some medications can’t be taken together, so always have your pharmacist check your medication list when you have a new prescription. Ask about other interactions. For example, grapefruit juice or milk can affect the effectiveness of some medications. Other medications cannot be mixed with over the counter herbal supplements, vitamins or pain relievers. There are also medications that restrict alcohol intake.

Keep track of your medications

Write down the names and dosages of all medications and keep it with you. When you receive any type of medical treatment, whether routine or emergency, the physician needs to be aware of medications being taken. Keep the list updated with changes so you can provide accurate information to those who are treating you.

Don’t keep old medications

If your prescription changes or you no longer need to take a medication, properly dispose of the unwanted medications. Many communities have collection sites at police or fire stations for proper disposal. Be sure to check for expiration dates of medications also. Taking an expired medication can have serious side effects.

Medications during recovery after a hospital stay

There are often changes to medications or new medications following surgery or other medical events. Taking these medications correctly can be an important aspect of the recovery process. If you are having issues coping with pain and fatigue following a hospital stay, a wise choice may be to recover in a short-term care facility where medications, pain, wound care and other issues can be properly monitored around the clock by a team of caring professionals.

Glenview Terrace has earned a reputation for providing excellent short-term care following a hospital stay. It provides acclaimed one-on-one physical, occupational and speech therapies up to seven days a week with the goal of returning the patient home as quickly as possible. Care at Glenview Terrace is offered with the strictest and most up-to-date infection-control precautions under the guidance of the Illinois Department of Public Health and the CDC. Glenview Terrace also takes every additional precaution possible — including routine facility-wide testing and monitoring for symptoms of COVID-19 and frequent disinfecting of high-touch surfaces with EPA-approved cleaning materials.

This specialized care is offered in an elegant environment. The well-appointed rooms and suites are filled with custom-designed furnishings and include a deluxe bathroom with a private shower. Guests are pampered with a variety of amenities including attentive concierge service, morning coffee and newspaper delivered daily to the room, diverse menu selections and much more. The attractive grounds and tranquil fountain are just some of the extras that go into creating an inviting environment for recovery.

When looking for an effective and elegant recovery experience, consider Glenview Terrace where the goal is to quickly and safely get you back to your independent lifestyle. For more information, visit or call 847-729-9090.