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Whitehall of Deerfield - Healthcare Center

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Starting May 1, 2021, all visits will take place outdoors at our back patio.

To help keep your loved one and everyone here safe, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Visits must be scheduled in advance via our booking website (please click on the button below)
  2. Unfortunately, visits are not allowed for residents on isolation or quarantine
  3. Please limit your visits to only twice a week per resident
  4. Only two visitors may visit at a time
  5. Visitors may bring items for resident during visit, but may not eat during the visit
  6. Masks must be kept on at all times
  7. Visitors must follow 6 foot social distancing, unless resident is fully vaccinated
  8. Kids may visit as long as they can wear mask and follow guidelines
  9. Pets may attend visits if they can be held for the entire visit

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