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7 Tips for a healthier new year

Whether it is losing fifteen pounds or finding that lost six-pack of muscles, the new year is a time to set new goals. One common mistake in setting New Year’s resolutions is to set overly ambitious goals that are hard to achieve. It is better to set attainable goals. Here are seven simple suggestions to try for a healthier new year.

1. Add a whole food to every meal. 

Enjoy some strawberries for breakfast, an apple at lunch and carrots for dinner. Once you manage one whole food per meal, try adding more for better overall health. 

2. Take a walk every day. 

Start small by pushing away from the desk and walking for five minutes every hour. Or schedule a 15-minute walk at lunchtime each day. Once the habit is started, try adding a few minutes. Aim for a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise each day. 

3. Cut out one sugary drink a day and try drinking water instead.

If you are used to drinking sweetened beverages, it is a hard habit to break but these beverages have been linked to heart disease, fatty liver, obesity and other medical issues. Once you cut out one, try getting rid of more sugary drinks.

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 4. Turn off before turning in at night for better sleep. 

Dim the lights, turn off the cell phone and computer and cut back on evening caffeinated beverages to improve the quality of sleep. Proper sleep is important for heart health and can fight depression.

 5. Try cooking your own meals

Fast food is convenient but if you are eating out multiple times each week, try to start cooking at home. Research has shown that people who cook meals at home eat healthier and have less body fat that those who eat on the run. Start by cutting out one fast food meal a week and increase over time. Remember that all meals including breakfast and lunch should be included. Taking a brown bag lunch a few times a week will not only save money but will save calories.

 6. As the saying goes, accentuate the positive. 

Try not to hold a grudge. Put your phone away at meals and talk to family and friends. Be more mindful of those around you and they will respond more positively. Avoid negative body talk which can lead to feelings of body shame. Try to be thankful for who you are and what you have which can boost self-esteem and reduce depression.

 7. Schedule an annual physical.Image used licensed by Shutterstock

Having regular blood work and suggested screenings can help detect health issues before they become serious. Before going to the doctor, make a list of questions to ask so that they can be addressed. Ask your doctor for suggestions for lifestyle changes to improve your health.

Make this the year for change

Putting off a joint replacement or other needed medical procedure may lead to bigger issues. Make 2022 the year that you take care of medical needs to improve quality of life. Following a hospital stay, resolve to get the best care possible by recovering at Glenview Terrace where a team of top therapists and medical professionals will lead you on a successful recovery journey.

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