Glenview Terrace for Post-Hospital Rehabilitation & Therapy

Each year, thousands of discerning individuals turn to Glenview Terrace for their orthopedic, neuroloigcal and comprehensive medical needs. The reason is simple. We provide unsurpassed, one-on-one physical, occupational and speech therapy up to seven days a week — so you'll return home as quickly and safely as possible. You'll also receive personalized attention from your own licensed therapist, while enjoying unrivaled amenities in one of our exclusive rehabilitation wings.

With expert care and sophisticated techniques, Glenview Terrace offers an aggressive blend of traditional and advanced rehabilitation services to get you quickly back on your feet, including:

  • One-on-one physical, occupational and speech therapy—up to seven days a week
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation & joint replacement recovery in our acclaimed Rehabililtation Pavilion
  • Neurological rehabilitation, cardiac and stroke rehabilitation
  • Respiratory, Intravenous (IV) and ultrasound therapies
  • Video fluoroscopy studies, Doppler studies and x-rays
  • Comprehensive wound and skin healing program with a dedicated wound care physician and nursing team
  • Expert pain management 
  • Diabetic management
  • Discharge planning and case management

Pre-admission orientation and tour to ease your transition from the hospital

To make your transition from the hospital to Glenview Terrace Rehabilitation Center easier, you or your family can get a pre-admission orientation and tour. This is a great way to address any questions or concerns you may have about your stay with us.

You'll find the Glenview Terrace Admission Team works closely with your hospital and physicians to make sure your medical and rehabilitative information is transferred quickly and completely.

To arrange your pre-admission orientation and tour, please contact us or call our Admissions Department at 847.729.9090.

Discharge planning

At Glenview Terrace, discharge planning begins upon admission. So even at the beginning of your stay with us, you'll know how your plan of care will get you home safely and efficiently. And with extensive knowledge of industry and community resources, our discharge planning experts can:

  • Create an individualized discharge plan to make your transition from Glenview Terrace to your home as smooth as possible 
  • Communicate with surgeons and other specialists to maintain continuity of care
  • Pre-order the adaptive equipment you'll need for your transition to home and work 
  • Schedule home care and other services so you can continue to make progress even after you're discharged from Glenview Terrace
  • Educate both you and your family to make your transition back home even more successful

Superb Amenities

During your short-term stay at Glenview Terrace, you'll enjoy unrivaled amenities. So contact us today and find out why Glenview Terrace is the North Shore's choice for rehabilitation therapy and nursing care.


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